Poorly but still busy

This week I had a throat infection so had to get some yellow medicine off the doctor but I’ve still managed to –

– read to dad


– painted on the patio doors


-then used a water squirter to clean it off


– we made a den under the table


– max got tired playing so had a nap in the play pen


– I went for a scoot with max


– I made meatballs for tea


– and I made my own pasta dish for lunch


– I did maths and English


– I got distracted when my lego minifigure came from ebay


– I also did some telling the time practise

– and had trampoline time


Been a while

Here’s a quick update on the last few weeks starting with school holidays –

I’ve built Lego,


I’ve been to the zoo!


I went to Stannah with Elisha,


I went to see Rio2 with the Watsons,


Elisha came to play with me I got the sand and water table out,


I’ve been to Blackpool tower jungle jims.


some of the school work I have done –





we let max pick cars for our graph,


I sorted the cars and got the data and then put it all in the graph,


I had to draw on body parts on ‘Mr Biology’ which was fun,


I baked for the home school group, we had a teddy bears picnic,


I’ve done dressing up,





I’ve learnt joined up writing,


I’ve done a project on Budgies,


and I’ve done a beach picture using real sand and shells from the beach


and played with max a lot.






And yesterday Max broke his front tooth so Nana and Grandad took us to the emergency dentist which had a park which was cool!





































































Here’s what I’ve been doing in the last week and today –

I made badges and keyrings from a kit my Aunty Siobhan and cousins bought me –

I’ve done lots of Maths, English and Reading –

Guess who
He also did some dummy testing –

I’ve also built and been colouring a rocket which Aunty Vicky bought me –

Guess who likes playing in it???!!!

I’ve also been using the JW.Org site to learn about what to about bullying and Max enjoyed the songs –

I’ve been to visit Uncle Robert and had a race with him! –

We went to the Zoo –
I took that picture!!

We went to the library to get some new reading books –

I’ve built lots of lego – this is the base I’ve made –

I’ve made lollies and also made my own receipe for me and max – sausage meatballs and pasta –

And I’ve done some craft work with Bendaroos –

(Mum was scared of the spider I made!)

And after school today when mum got home from work we all had a play 🙂

Mummy’s back at work

Mummy started work this week so now daddy looks after us half the week and then mum on her days off.

I’ve done lots with dad – jigsaws, reading, maths, english and I’ve written another story about aliens

With mum I’ve done- maths, English, reading and wrote another story about superheros.

I’ve also done marble rolling in paint –

car printing –

and then I learnt to paint half a page then fold to see it on the other side exactly the same! (Mum did one too!)

Max painted with yoghurt!

 then with real paint!

Then I helped to tidy up.

This week I’ve also helped Max to practise walking –

and also built some towers for him to knock down –

We also found a cool website which speaks French so we can check we are saying French words right.

I’m back!

I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to blog! On Monday we could tell spring had arrived because it was sunny so after we dropped dad at work we went to the prom and I went on my new electric scooter it goes 15m an hour!


After that I designed my own story about time travel.

On Tuesday we took Max to bounce and rhyme and then I scooted all the way back from Thornton Library to Fleetwood, it took nearly an hour!


In the afternoon I did some telling the time practise and looked at a book all about French words.

On Wednesday I went on my scooter to visit Great Grandad George and to get some fresh air and exercise.


Next did something new called Comprehension.  I had to read about whales and the answer some questions about what I read.

Then I did some word rhyming practise in it was things like goose on the loose and pig in a wig.

Then we played Charades with French flash cards which was funny!

Then I did some Maths.

Today straight after breakfast I went to buy some new shoes then visited Corey because he’s had an operation.  I’ve just done Maths and now I’m blogging!

really fun days

I’ve been sooooo busy 🙂

Monday I did English, Maths and then I read some of my book about the Earth and Moon and Stars.

While I was doing Maths and English, Max did some aqua drawing.

While I was doing Maths and English, Max did some aqua drawing.

After that I did an experiment.  I half filled a baking tray with flour then dusted some ground coffee on top.  Then I dropped marbles on to it to make craters like on the moon.


After that mum gave me loads of things to add to the flour for messy play like water and cornflakes and I played with my Lego men in it pretending they were in quick sand!

While I was doing that, Max was busy doing house work!

WP_001498 WP_001500

In the afternoon we went on a long walk to the butchers and the park.


On the way back I got tired so sat on the pram while mum pushed us home 🙂


On Tuesday we went to bounce and rhyme and got the bus back but it broke down!  We had to wait for another bus.  Then we went to play at Nana and Grandads.

This morning I did some cooking.  Mum told me what we had in the fridge and cupboards and I chose what I wanted to use and made my own recipe.  I used pasta, bacon, peas, and carrots, spinach, garlic, chicken, onion, cannelloni beans and passata. that mixture was really really nice and max loved it too.

then I did some drawing

and after that I did some English and maths while max did some reading

then I did some skipping on the trampoline!


then I went for a long ride! on my tractor


What I did in the School Holidays :)

We started the school holidays with taco night, me and max loved them!


The next day I played games with dad while Max played the drums!

We played Guess Who!

We played Guess Who!

In the evening we went to the Blackpool sandcastle waterpark for short call it sandcastle. we went there with friends which is Molly, Lorraine and Austin. It was great fun and on the way home I got a KFC.


After the meeting on Sunday my friends Lottie, Maia and Izzy came to play and have lunch with us.

On Monday I went to the cinema with mum to see Mr Peabody and Sherman. It was all about time travel, I loved it!

I got popcorn a twirl and a Tango Slush :)

I got popcorn a twirl and a Tango Slush 🙂

On Tuesday my friend Elisha came to play.  We made a spying game up and then played on the Wii.

On Wednesday I went on the ministry with mum, Max and Nana and Grandad and got a pie as a treat from the bakery on the way back to the car.  Later dad took me to a magic show.  The magician was called Martin Baker.  One of the tricks was a blank colouring book and he asked us to draw a picture in the air, he waved his magic wand and the pictures jumped in to the colouring book!!!  Then he asked us to pick a colour from our clothes and throw it at the book and when he waved the wand the colours appeared on the page!!

martin baker the magician

martin baker the magician

On Thursday I spent the day with my cousins Ryan and George and we had a pub lunch.  I had a kids combo, fish fingers, sausage and chicken.  I felt a bit tired and had a runny nose on the way back so I went to bed early.

The next day I still felt a bit poorly.  Grandads mum died and it was her funeral.  Aunty Siobhan looked after me and Max while mum and dad went to the funeral then I went to the buffet.  In the afternoon I led on the couch playing my Kindle and watched TV because I didn’t feel too great.

On Saturday I baked Tom and Jerry cakes and in the evening we took them to a family party at Aunty Siobhan’s.  I played with Ewan and Phoebe and ate buffet food 🙂

I can’t wait for the next school holidays!!!

Discovery Centre – School Trip :)

On Wednesday mummy and daddy surprised me and took me and Max to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester!!  I was so excited!!!

First we had our photo taken and made in to a keyring.  Then we met Professor Brick who told us how Lego is made.

Next we went on a ride, even Max came on it.  It was like a mine cart and we had to shoot targets.

Then we walked through Mini Land.  After that I made a tower and tested it on a an earthquake board to see if it would stay up.

I loved driving the Lego cars.

Next me and dad built our our Lego cars and tested them on different types of ramps.

We also spent ages all playing together in the soft play area.  There was a 4D cinema where we watched 2 short Lego films and got sprayed with water when the fire hose in the movie went out of control.  Also when the cars were going fast, fans blew on us and fake ice was also blown on us during the film when the ice truck got blown over!!!

On the way out mummy and daddy treated me to a Lego creator set.  I can make 3 different beach houses.  I spent a lot of Thursday reading the instruction manual and building! :0

Today I have so far done Maths, Reading and a Spelling Test.

Science is fun!

After we took Max to get weighed and dropped dad at work, we came home and I did some English.  I did some practice on Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives and also some work on Opposites.

After lunch I stayed at the table and did some Maths and also some work with money while Max played drums with a wooden spoon and pan and also mum made him a rattle with rice and a tub.  Then I read a book on my Kindle to mum.

Then came the fun bit!!!  I did some Science experiments from a Science Tricks set which Aunty Dezi bought me when Max was born.  One of the ones I tried was putting a balloon on a plastic bottle and when I put the bottle in a bowl of hot water it blew the balloon up!

I also filled a glass with water, place some card over the top and tipped the glass upside down and the water stayed in the glass!  Another one was where I put some tissue in the bottom of the glass, put the glass upside down in to a bowl of water but the tissue didn’t get wet and the glass didn’t fill up with water.

There was a spoon in the kit too which was coated with Liquid Crystal and it changed colours in hot and cold liquid.

Just for fun try this experiment……stand with your feet apart against a wall and put your head, one shoulder and one foot against the wall then try to lift your other leg out……..let me know if you can lift your leg!!!!

Fresh Air

It was a beautiful sunny day so we got some fresh air. Mum walked with the pram and I rode my bike into town which is over a mile!

We had lunch at scotch bakery and stopped at the park on the way back.

WP_001459 WP_001463

When we got home we were all tired so after a biscuit, cup of tea and a rest I finished my four seasons project.

Each window is a different season. In the Spring window I put a rabbit with a cotton wool tail and daffodils. In the Summer window I put flowers and a butterfly. In the autumn window I made leaves out of pine cone husks. In the winter window I made paper snowflakes and used cotton wool for snow.